2016 05 13 LW v1 FSA launch memeFaith Schoolers Anonymous (FSA) is a platform allowing anyone who has encountered a problem at a ‘faith’ school to share their experience.

Over the years many hundreds of people have spoken out about the problems they have faced at their ‘faith’ schools, and there are many thousands more who have experienced similar problems but, for whatever reason, are yet to speak out.

Now, in the UK, there are currently more children being educated in a greater number of ‘faith’ schools than at any point in history. And whilst it is not the case that every religious school fails its pupils in the same way or to the same extent, this website is just as much about demonstrating the problems that ‘faith’ schools by their very nature, create, as it is about highlighting the spectacular failings of individual ‘faith’ schools.

The objective is therefore to highlight issues whenever they occur and provide a unique mouthpiece through which those who have experienced them can speak. Wherever a school, for reasons of religion, seeks to limit a child’s education; limit their understanding of the world, or the people with whom they share it; stunt their development or else dictate its course; repress their personality or constrain their individuality; lie to them, isolate them, abuse them, or control them, people ought to know.

The blogs

So whether you’re a former pupil or a current one, a parent or a carer or a teacher, or simply someone with information that you feel should be shared, this site is for you. These are issues that need attention and your stories need to be told.

You may wish to submit your account in the form of a blog, or simply as a case study. Either is fine by us. More information on how to submit what you’ve written can be found on the Blog Policy page. To read the blogs written so far, just visit the home page or choose from one of the categories.

Knowing your rights

Beyond the blogs, case studies, and personal testimonies that appear here, this is also a place where people can come to identify their legal rights and establish whether or not they are being met. Go to The law and your rights page for more information.


Finally, Faith Schoolers Anonymous operates a whistleblowing service through which people can contact us or talk confidentially to one of our team. Go to the Whistleblowers tab on our homepage to find out how to get in touch.

Who’s behind this site?

This site was set up and is run by Humanists UK. We believe that every young person should grow up in an inclusive school that treats them, their parents, and their teachers with equal respect, regardless of their religious or non-religious beliefs or background. You can find out more about our campaigning work on our website.