Stay safe online

stay safe onlineWe have made every effort to ensure that this website is secure, and that anyone submitting a blog or posting a comment is protected. However, if you believe that there is any risk of your personal safety being threatened by using this site, please do not post.

Beyond the efforts we have made to ensure the website is secure, there are a number of further ways that you can keep yourself safe online.

If you are submitting blogs by email, or are contacting the FSA team for a different reason, you may want to sign up for an email address through, which is a privacy-oriented email service.

Before submitting a blog, we would also encourage you to use software that prevents other users of your computer from viewing what websites you have accessed. The simplest way of doing this is to enable private browsing on your internet browser, whether it be Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. This will prevent the browser from keeping your history. That may be all the security you need, but keep in mind that this doesn’t remove all traces of your internet activity and can still be susceptible to interception.

A more secure option is to install Tor security software on your computer, which allows you to use the internet completely anonymously. You can do this at

More information about staying safe online can be found at the following websites: