If you have information about a school or related organisation that you feel needs to be shared, you can contact us through our confidential whistleblowing service.

We have extensive experience working alongside whistleblowers from a range of different settings, and are ready to help in any way we can. This may involve seeking to resolve the specific issue by providing you with advice, guidance, and support, or you may want us to help you expose a situation through the media. And if you simply want to talk, we’ll always be happy to listen.

There are two ways you can contact us:

Email us on whistleblowers@faithschoolersanonymous.uk 

Or fill in the whistleblowing form below:

We recognise that you may not be comfortable sharing any details at all about yourself, certainly in the first instance, which is why our form gives you the option of not divulging your name or any contact details. If you choose not to provide any details, please indicate whether or not you are happy for us to anonymously publish the comments you submit.

If action is to be taken, we may need to take steps to verify the information you provide. In order to do this, we might need to contact you to ask for further details. However, if you decide that you do not want any involvement beyond the initial supply of information, and have chosen not to share any contact details with us, we may try, with your permission, to verify the information through alternative means.

At no stage will we ever divulge your name or any of your details to a third party without your express permission.

We have taken every step to ensure that the contact form on this page, and the website in general, are secure. Please read our ‘Stay safe online‘ page for more information and tips about the extra ways you can seek to protect your security online.